Demand Notice Regular No. Application Registration No. Application Date
Issuance Date of Demand Notice Type of connection Connection Category
Office Address of Company’s Concerned Revenue Officer Related Subdivision
Required cumulative Load (KW) Allocated Account /Reference No. Total Amount
Related Tariff schedule / Group No. Type of industry or factory Company’s approved Bank name
Demand Notice Details
(Notification for approval and expenditure of service connection)
For applicant
Madam/Sir , , you are hereby informed by this demand notice that your application for electricity connection whose particulars are given above is accepted by authorized officer under the following conditions other than general organization’s prevailing electricity conditions.
1. You are requested to deposit following amount within day(s)/month from the date of issuance of this demand notice to the company’s approved bank or personally deposit to company’s approved person and inform my office regarding receipt No. and date of payment of this notice. (a) Expenses of service connection as per approved estimate rupees which is to be deposited to organization’s approved officer----------------. If the expenses were found excess before execution than the approved estimate cost for installation of service connection, the additional amount shall have to be deposited equal to the difference of already deposited amount for which additional demand notice will be served upon you. (b) Arrears due to non-payment of previous electricity bill, etc ……… rupees (This amount is to be paid in the bank, receiving the last bill from the Revenue Officer.
Note: If you are domestic, commercial or industrial bulk supply applicant or consumer then fill and sign along with date the sub page of this demand notice which is reserved for you and return to my office.
2. Send test reports to my office as proof of concrete and standardized internal wiring of your building and installation of your electrical instruments from the government’s approved wiring contractor within day(s)/month from the date of issue of this notice for further departmental inspection and test and get the receipt. (Attached is blank test report form CPA 7).
3. As you have not provided your own purchased meter to the company, to measure the supply of electricity, so _________ Rs. will be charged as monthly meter rent according to the company’s claimed/regulated service charges schedule.
4. Demand notice for guarantee/security shall be dispatched separately. Connection proceedings will commence after receiving separate amounts of both demand notices.
(If Irrelevant, may be erased)
If you failed to comply with the aforementioned terms and conditions, in reply to this demand notice, within stipulated period then the turn no/ priority allocated to your application form for electricity connection will not be followed. This demand notice will automatically be considered ineffective after ___________ months from the date of issue of this demand notice.

Stamp/ Signature Bank Officer

Yours Sincerely
SDO _______________________ Sub Division WAPDA
LS Incharge _______________________ Sub office WAPDA

For Bank Use
(The concerned bank will send the concerned office Incharge of electricity along with its bank scroll by separating this subpage of demand notice)
Name and Address of Applicant/Consumer | Detail of Deposited Amount
Application Registration No. Application Date SR No. Remarks Amount Receipt No. Payment Date
Demand Notice Regular No. Demand Notice Date 1. Service Connection Expenses
Allotted Account Number / CNIC 2. Security Charges
Name and complete address of approved Bank 3. Feeder Rehabilitation Charges

Sign of SDO or Line Superintendent Incharge With date and office stamp Sign and stamp of Bank Officer
For Computer Centre Use
(Particulars of Demand Notice)
Demand Notice No. Registration No. of application Application Form No.
Demand Notice Issuance Date Due Amount

Sign of SDO with date and office stamp