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Appliance Details آلات کی تفصیلات*

Appliance ID Appliance Type Quantity Watts Per Unit Total Watts
Sr Description Upload (JPG/PDF | max size 300 KB)
1 Property document copy *
2 Attested CNIC copy of applicant *
3 Neighbour electricity bill copy *
4 Attested copy of abridged Conditions
5 Attested copy of NTN certificate
6 Attested CNIC copy of witness (not required for domestic connection)
7 Attested NOC from owner
8 Attested affidavit of owner (not required for owner)
  • File Name will be like:
    • cnic.jpeg
    • property.jpeg
    • terms.jpeg
  1. Applicant is responsible for handover the attested copies of above attached documents to fesco representative during his survey at your connection site.
  2. Applicant is also responsible to ensure his availability at site to identify his premises.